Priske Dehandschutter

singing & acting & learning

Happy hours singing along with records and making up stories in a cosy corner of the living room . . . I was a girl with a romantic soul, deeply stirred by classical music and theatre, with a great passion for singing and acting.

At the age of seven, I discovered my grandfather’s old trumpet. But after ten years of playing, I put the instrument back in its case for the last time and enthusiastically embarked on the solo singing and opera programmes at the Lemmens Institute, the Maastricht Academy of Music and the Flemish Opera Studio.

As I freelanced my way through my early years as a singer, my path took a turn towards theatre, television, and voice acting. New challenges followed, as I found myself between two worlds: a singer in the world of theatre and television, and an actress in the world of singing.

My studies left many questions about voice and singing unanswered. Is total vocal freedom possible? What is individuality in sound? . . . Ten years ago, my intense search for answers led me to the voice teacher Ingrid Voermans in The Hague. This was my first encounter with the world of sound and perception and with the voice teaching insights of the Lichtenberg Institute (Germany). The benefits this method brought me included greater freedom in singing and in life.

Inspired by my lessons with Ingrid, I headed for Germany, where I am now completing the teacher training course at the Lichtenberg Institute for Applied Vocal Physiology. In combination with training in traditional Chinese medicine at Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp and my studies of classical Taoist writings, this became my new great passion, centred on the very process of teaching and learning.

Eventually I let go of my struggle to find answers to all my questions. Instead, the wisdom of not-knowing brought new serenity.




  • “Booh!” VTM/KZoom role of Aagje
  • “Familie” VTM role of Jana
  • “Louis/Louise” VTM role of Isabel
  • “Zone Stad” VTM guest role



  • “Heidi” (KZoom) voice of Heidi
  • “Sally Bollywood” (Ketnet) voice of Sally Bollywood
  • “Dive Olly Dive” (KZoom) voice of Bes
  • “Wickie de Viking” (Bioscoop/Studio100) voice of Ilvy
  • “Plop wordt Kabouterkoning” (Bioscoop/Studio100) voice of Lilly het roze monster
  • “Baxter” (KZoom) voice of Tassie
  • “Turtle Vision” (4D animatiefilm Bellewaerdepark) voice of Baby Schildpad



  • “Merlin oder das wüste Land” (NTGent/RuhrTriennale Duitsland) role of Morgause
  • “Peter Pan” (MusicHall/Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen/Capitol Gent) role of Tinkelbel
  • “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown” (JudasTheaterProducties) role of Lucy van Pelt
  • “Moby Dick” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of the white whale
  • “Fleur, of de Koorddanseresprinses” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Fleur
  • “Alleendje, ‘t lelijke kleine eendje” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Ireentje
  • “Jeanne, voices in the D’Arc” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Jeanne
  • “Roodkapje” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Roodkapje
  • “Tuur&Lance&Lot” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Lot
  • “Gelukzak” (Tweelicht&Zoon) role of Prinses van de Prinsesseriën
  • “Midzomernachtsdroompje” (Muziektheater Fierlefant) role of Mauja
  • “Saai” (Muziektheater Fierlefant) role of LaLoena



  • Flemish Opera (Vlaamse Opera B) ‘De Toverfluit’ role of Papagena
  • La Monnaie (Muntschouwburg B) ‘De Toverfluit’ role of Papagena
  • Opera de Luxembourg (L) ‘De Toverfluit’ role of Papagena
  • Concertgebouw (NL) ‘De Toverfluit’ concertant – role of Papagena
  • Opera Zuid (NL) ‘The Gambler’ role of Gaudi lady
  • Opera Zuid (NL) ‘L’enfant et les sortileges’
  • NTGent / Ruhr Triennale (D) ‘Merlin oder das wüste land’ role of Morgause
  • Collegium Novum (CH) ‘Merlin’ sopraan solo, wereldpremiere, composition Stefan Wirth
  • RioHarpFestival (Brazilië) Harp/Zang duo concerts with Aurelie Viegas
  • Zuiderkroon (B) ‘In ‘t witte paard’ role of Klaartje
  • More productions; ‘Cosi fan Tutte’ role of Despina, ‘The Fairy Queen’ role of Juno, ‘Der Schauspieldirektor’ role of Mademoiselle Silberklang, ‘Prima la musica et poi le parole’ role of Tonina, ‘Gräfin Mariza’ role of Lisa, ‘Die Zirkusprinzessin’ role of Miss Mabel Gibson, ‘Gasparone’ role of Sora



  • 1995- 2000 Lemmens institute, Leuven Gerda Lombaerts (B)
  • 2000-2003 Conservatorium Maastricht  Mya Besselink (NL)
  • 2003-2004 Operastudio Vlaanderen Loh Siew-Tuan (B)
  • 2003-2004 Jennifer Dakin (UK)
  • 2004-2013 Ingrid Voermans (NL)
  • 2011-2013 Lichtenberger Institute für Angwandte Stimmphysiologie (D)
  • masterclasses; Ann Murray, Graham Johnson, Lilian Watson, Claron McFadden


learning & teaching

Are you open to the possibility that your voice will blossom? Refined auditory perception clears the way for a warm, rich and spacious sound. The free flow of brilliant sound brings order to the body, and not the other way round.

Are you open to the possibility that perception brings refinement? Come ear to ear with an acoustic way of being.
Still. Without commentary. Without intervention. No will.

Are you open to the possibility that well-being can be reflected in your singing?
Like nested Russian dolls, each emerging from the last, a deeper state of being gives rise to . . .
– the interweaving of hearing with touch, sight, smell and taste,
– surprising new vocal possibilities,
– gentle, effortless action,
– and the strength simply to be yourself.

‘I long to fly . . .’ I wrote in my application to the Lichtenberg Institute. I hadn’t yet learned then that timelessness and spaciousness are really in the centre of myself.


teaching & learning

For anyone with questions about the phenomenon of voice.
For anyone curious about the possibilities of their sound.
For those prepared to be guided through a process of sensory perception.
Immerse yourself in refinement of sound, and discover the fascinating world of listening!


lessons & learning

Do you have questions about individual lessons or participating in a workshop or study group? Feel free to get in touch!

Living-room workshops
You can also organize your own workshop or study group in your home or any other location . . . For more information, contact me!